30-Day Trust Challenge Day 8: Get a Room

My friend Susan texted me yesterday asking if there would be a quiet place for her to make a call when we met up that afternoon. We were going to grab lunch at my co-working space and I assured her that there would be a private room available when it came time for her call.

After I typed, “Yup,” I wondered if I steered her wrong. I don’t usually go to this branch of The Wing. They recently added a new floor and I don’t know if the rooms get filled up quickly or if they are generally free. At my location, they only have one phone room and it’s impossible to get into, so members make calls from any nook and cranny there including the pump room.

I was busy working on a deadline, so I let it go for the time being.

When she arrived, I showed her around and all of the phone booths were full. I told her that she might want to grab one before her call and she said she’d wait.

What?! She wasn’t worried about it all?

If it were me, I’d be guarding those rooms with my life. I’d plant myself at a table outside them half an hour before like I was on a stakeout. As soon as a woman started packing up her things, I’d make my move, casually hover nearby and then slip in as soon as she left.

It’s why I throw my jacket down to save myself a seat as soon as I get to the Wing. It’s also why I get to the movies early to snag a good spot so I don’t have to sit in the front row. (Unless, it’s a theater where you can book your seats in advance. Game-changer.)

Not Susan. She wasn’t bothered by this at all. She, unlike me, was willing to take a risk.

We had a nice lunch, caught up and I went back to do my work while she went off to make her call.

What I wouldn’t do to regularly make calls from the Elaine Benes phone booth. Too bad it’s in San Francisco. :(

What I wouldn’t do to regularly make calls from the Elaine Benes phone booth. Too bad it’s in San Francisco. :(

At one point, I went to get some water, passed the photo booths and lo and behold, Susan was in one of them. I was thrilled.

It showed me that she probably trusts the universe more than I do. That she knew she’d find somewhere to make her call if she didn’t land a room. That she probably doesn’t sweat the small stuff like I do. Oh, I can schvitz (sweat) the small stuff like a chaza (pig) with the best of them and I do.

During lunch, we talked about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro together someday - something we discovered each of us has always wanted to do. It made me wonder what kind of travel buddies we’d be and how much I could potentially learn from her about trust. That’s a huge part of travel, especially on a trip like that.

Would she be more adventurous than I am? Would she handle certain situations with greater ease than I would? Would her carefree nature maybe rub off on me?

Who knows, but what I do know is that we would be great travel partners and more importantly, I trust that this trip is going to happen and I cannot wait.

When it comes to the aforementioned room, are you more of a Susan or a Robin? Tell me below. I won’t be hurt if it’s not me. :) However, if you do choose me, let me know the other areas of your life where you act like that. You know, to make me feel better. :)