30-Day Trust Challenge Day 9: Secret, Secret. I've Got a Secret.

When people who barely know me call me “Rob,” it drives me nuts. That nickname is reserved for my family, close friends and BFF. They’ve earned the right to call me that. Much like trust, you have to earn it over time. However, sometimes you have a good feeling about someone and you trust them sooner than the average bear.

Such is the case with my new friend who we’ll call Jack.

Jack and I met about a month ago through a group of entrepreneurs and instantly hit it off shooting the shit afterwards. Since he wanted to start getting up early to work on a book he was writing, I told him I could be his accountability partner. I’m already getting up at 5:00 a.m. to write, so all he had to do was shoot me a text, I’d respond and off we’d go.

It was a great arrangement and nice to have someone to check in with at that hour, since I’d never dream of disturbing anybody else.

Over the past month, we’ve gotten to know each other mostly through texts shooting back and forth words of support and encouragement. He’d read my work and I’d read his cheering each other on along the way. It also didn’t hurt that he helped me with some health insurance questions I had, so I was extra appreciative to have him in my corner.

Even though he’s not a M.O.T. (Member of the Tribe), he’s still a mensch and that goes a long way (as Auntie would say) in my book.

This past week I mentioned that I was incredibly stressed about a project I’ve waited a long time to come to fruition. I didn’t want to say anything to avoid jinxing the opportunity and I appreciated that he didn’t press me on it. Instead, he’d check in to see how I was doing, send me nice messages and tell me that I could ask him anytime for help. That’s something I’m admittedly terrible at, so I was thankful to have someone I barely know offering me an ear. It meant a lot.

I’m always good about keeping them. Are you?

I’m always good about keeping them. Are you?

Yesterday, the group met up again and it was the first time Jack and I were going to see each other IRL. There were so many things I wanted to say to thank him in person and to hear how he’s doing, but more than anything I wanted to tell him about the project I’ve been waiting to hear about because, and this is huge, I trust him.

I waited until the group session was over and then gave him the backstory on the project, which dates back 25 years. Then, I told him what the potential opportunities are. As expected, he was thrilled for me and unbelievably supportive. I was so grateful and I am so amazed by the level of trust I have with him - someone I barely know.

It’s why listening to your gut is so important. It’s why I usually do and it’s also why paying attention to people’s actions makes all the difference. Now while I’ve mostly gotten to know Jack through his words, it’s his underlying sincerity, follow through and kindness that have won me over. I’m rarely wrong about people and I trust that I’m 100% right about Jack.

Are you generally trusting of people? Do you trust them too soon or not enough? Tell me below. I’d love to hear from you!

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