30-Day Trust Challenge Day 30: The Scariest One of All

If you’ve been following this month’s challenge about trust, you know that I’m pretty paranoid about leaving my belongings unattended.

Yesterday, for the last day of this challenge, I was tested in a big way.

I was volunteering at a great festival and when I arrived, I was told to put my coat and purse in the coat check. I was fine leaving my coat, but leaving my purse is another story. My wallet was in there and after last weekend’s headaches around someone stealing my credit card online, I wasn’t thrilled about the idea of leaving behind Nowall of the contents of my wallet.

As I plucked items from my purse that I thought were vital, I was happy that I chose to switch my pants at the last minute to a pair with pockets. I needed to have my phone on me the whole time because I was having a large package that required a signature delivered to my apartment, so I wanted to make sure I was available in case anything came up.

Plus, when are we not without our phones? You never know what’s going to come up.

Now I knew I’d be busy with activities and I could only hold so much in my back two pockets, so I grabbed the essentials including my cash and decided on this final day of the trust challenge to trust that my purse and more importantly, my wallet, would be okay.

This felt huge to me, especially since my purse was going to be within arm’s reach of the door where people would be dropping things off.

I chatted with the person at coat check, felt like I could trust them and off I went.

My worst nightmare

My worst nightmare

Over the next few hours, I returned a few times to grab my phone charger and some other items, but ultimately, I left my bag there for the taking and it felt good to trust the person and the situation. One time I even snagged my bag when the coat check person was busy in the back of the closet and I knew they wouldn’t see me. I just knew it would be faster. I still left it there in the exact same spot.

As I assembled packets and gift bags, I wound up spending the majority of the day in a room upstairs away from my bag and all of the festivities. Eventually, after several hours, I caved and brought my bag upstairs and kept it with me. Was it because I kept needing things from my bag like mints, lip balm, a phone charger and more? Yes. Was it about trust? Partially. Was it ultimately a good exercise for me? You bet.

What would you have done in this situation? What would you have done if you didn’t have pockets to store your belongings? Tell me below and if you like what you’ve read, please subscribe below and share it. Thanks!