30-Day Trust Challenge Day 26: The Oscar for Poor Customer Service Goes to...

“Ms. Jel-fil-been, I’d like to thank you for being a loyal Citi credit card customer for 25 years,” the customer service rep says on the phone last night.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” I think. “Let’s wrap this up.”

I don’t want to be reminded of how much money I have spent during that time, but yes, I am indeed extremely loyal.

Loyalty goes a long way in my book from both sides. I’m fiercely loyal to people close to me and hope for the same in return. I also expect it from a company like Citi who has racked up a fair amount of change from me in (gulp) a quarter of a century.

After speaking to Citi customer service rep, Chrissy, on Sunday night about my credit card being stolen, she told me to call back on Monday to confirm that the disputed charges had been reversed. I did just that and was informed that she had not, in fact, disputed my charges. This was after she assured me that she did and after I decided to trust her vs. going with my instincts to click the “Dispute the charge” buttons on my account online.

Chrissy, I trusted you. I trusted you! How could you do that? How could you let me down?

The new customer service rep, Diane, understood my frustration and told me that she would take care of it and an investigation team would get back to me in 2-3 days. I want to believe her. Then again, what choice do I have?

“Someone will get back to you,” Diane assures me.

“So I don’t have to call back?” I ask somewhat suspiciously.

“No, we will get back to you by email or phone,” she says.

Great. I want to trust her and for some reason I do. Let’s hope she’s right and that she restores my faith in Citi and all customer service people (ok, that might be a stretch.)

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