30-Day Just Say No Challenge Day 11: How I Stopped Spinning My Wheels

When I started this month’s challenge about saying no, I thought it was going to be mostly me literally saying no to people. What I’ve realized after doing it for 11 days is that a lot of it is about simplifying things in my life. Saying no to invites, events and really anything that pulls my focus.

Some days it can be as simple as cutting things out like unsubscribing from emails and other days it can be about scheduling fewer meetings. In other words, it’s saying no to the clutter in my head and my, generally speaking, very ambitious expectations of myself.

This month has also taught me about saying no to things that won’t help me physically. Since I was in a minor car accident a few weeks ago, I have experienced pain in my back, neck and shoulders. That has forced me to say no to a lot of exercise, which is incredibly difficult for me. Working out is a huge part of my morning routine, it’s an incredible stress reliever and it’s how I manage my weight.

But yesterday I had no choice. I had to say no to my favorite spinning class aptly called The Pursuit. I bragged about coming in first in that class two months ago, so you can understand my frustration having to skip it.

I have been going to it weekly for at least the past three years and it’s something I look forward to… most of the time (sometimes I don’t because it completely kicks my ass, but I always feel better afterwards.) The instructor, Coco, is so inspiring and fun and she plays great music.

Chris Farley Spinning.gif

I wanted to do something, so yesterday I brought Roxane Gay’s book, “Hunger” and walked on the treadmill. I didn’t even crack it open because it wound up being a fun conversation starter with the woman on the machine next to me. Thanks, Lisa for helping to make the time fly by.

The only downside was that I barely broke a sweat, but at least I did something and for that, I’m happy. As frustrating as it is, I’d rather take care of myself now than make it worse in the long run.

Looks like I did learn a thing or two during Gelf-Care month that helped me say no now.

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