30-Day Trust Challenge Day 17: Roomie Knows Best

“I wouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself right now,” Mindy says on our call Friday night. It’s rare that we get to talk. She’s got three young sons, a demanding job and a minimum 2.5 hour commute in each direction every day.

I appreciate what she’s saying and I take her words to heart.

Mindy is my first college roommate and one of the best things to come out of what was otherwise a difficult four years at Syracuse University.

Mindy and me freshman year at Syracuse with our slam-proof sock on our door.

Mindy and me freshman year at Syracuse with our slam-proof sock on our door.

She knows me very well, knows what I’ve been through and despite cross country moves on both of our parts, she’s still a very important part of my life.

I tell her that for the past few weeks, I’ve been incredibly stressed over and working tirelessly on a project that I’ve dedicated so much time to for over 12 years. It’s become a huge priority for me as of late because of a potential opportunity and I don’t want to let it pass me by.

Mindy completely understands that, but helps me see things differently. She gives me a fresh perspective and helps remind me of some things I need to hear. She also gives me advice in such a kind and loving way and tells me, no matter what, to do what’s best for me. It’s so helpful and exactly what I need to hear.

I trust Mindy and decide to take her advice, which is to not worry too much about this potential opportunity because there will be others. I don’t know what those others might be and that’s the hardest part about trust. However, all of the signs surrounding this project these past few weeks have not been the most encouraging and yet, I still push through. I’m a very determined person.

So yesterday I do something very foreign to me. I let the prospect of this opportunity go so I could spend the day not worrying about it, thinking about it or doing anything about it. I should. After all, I’m visiting my BFF in North Carolina who I rarely get to see. The last time we had this much time together was almost five years ago.

Focusing less on that opportunity and more on my friend and her family reminds me of what’s important in life - being with those you love and creating and sharing memories together. Memories that will serve me well in the long run when I’ve long forgotten about how overwhelmed I was about this opportunity. I look forward to seeing what unfolds when the time is right. Thanks, Mindy for your infinite wisdom.

Do you trust the universe? Do you pay attention to the signs your life is sending you? Tell me below.