30-Day Trust Challenge Day 16: We Must, We Must, We Must Increase Our Trust

“I can’t believe you did that,” my BFF says to me. This statement surprises me, but then again, it shouldn’t. I have known Kristen since I was seven, we traveled together in Europe and the U.S. for three months and we lived together in San Francisco for two years. I think she knows me pretty well.

My BFF, Kristen, and me.

My BFF, Kristen, and me.

I’ve just landed in Charlotte and we’re grabbing some lunch at a cute cafe about 30 miles away. What surprises her is that I have just thrown my winter coat on a couch to save our spot while we order some food. It’s not just any spot though. It’s in an area that I can’t keep an eye while we wait in line. A usual pre-requisite for me placing my unprotected belongings in public.

“You never would have done that in the past and I know you wouldn’t do that in New York,” she says. She’s absolutely right.

“I figure it’s a lot safer here,” I say.

She agrees. What strikes me most about her initial statement is that my general distrust is that obvious. Like my secret is out, she’s busted me, but she hasn’t. She just knows me and my quirks, habits and proclivities better than most people… for better or for worse. :)

In a way, I’m glad that she notices the change in my behavior. After all, this year-long 30-day challenge experiment is all about getting out of my comfort zone, taking risks and making gradual improvements in my life. A life that I’m thrilled Kristen has been a part of for so long.

Do you have a lifelong friend who knows you as well as your family or a spouse? Have you seen him or her change over time or vice versa? Tell me about it below!