30-Day Just Say No Challenge Day 6: How to Ghost PEN15

Yesterday after a few meetings, I popped over to my co-working space to get some work done before heading home. When I arrived, they were setting up for an event, which meant I was going to be hard-pressed to get much done. Damnit!

I usually go into the quiet room at my co-working space because it’s where I can focus the most. Plus, it gives me built in rules not to chit chat with people and distract myself. :) That room was now off-limits and the main area was abuzzing with activity. I needed t to get some work out, so I plugged in to some solo piano music on Spotify and tuned out.

I was cranking on my work thankfully and then my friend, Dawn, popped over to tell me that I should stay for the screening they were doing. It was for a new comedy series called PEN15, which I’d heard good things about.

That friend is a good judge of comedy and she was raving about the show. I told her I might stick around to watch a little, but I had to take off early.

Another friend, Carly, who’s comedic judgment I trust implicitly also recommended I watch the show. She turned me on to “Fleabag” a few years ago and I never looked back.

My favorite line from the hit show “Fleabag.”

My favorite line from the hit show “Fleabag.”

As I toiled away at my work, I half-watched the show which is about two awkward middle school girls.

How can I say no to a show where one of the characters is wearing a Care Bear shirt?

How can I say no to a show where one of the characters is wearing a Care Bear shirt?

I wasn’t 100% invested in it, but I finished up my work a little bit later and then checked it out. It had a few funny moments, but nothing really grabbed me. Dawn told me to watch the first few episodes and it’ll get better.

They were going to do a Q&A with the creators who are two young women and I was curious to learn about how they got the show made and get some other behind-the-scenes scoop. You know how I love a good story.

Unlike other talkbacks I’ve been to at my co-working space, the creators didn’t come out right away. I waited a little bit longer amazed at how quiet a large group of women could be for several minutes. I waited another few minutes trying to give them the benefit of the doubt and then I decided to say no and take off.

I really wrestled with it because I’m always curious about process, but I knew I had better go. Am I a fleabag for leaving? No. Am I a massive asshole for taking off? If I had left during their talk, then maybe yes, but they didn’t see me leave, so they have no idea. And I’ll have no idea what they ever said.

Do I still feel like I missed something? Yes. Will I watch the rest of the show? Probably at some point, but season 2 of Fleabag most definitely comes first. I have been waiting two years for that to come out and for the record, I would always stay to hear Phoebe Waller-Bridge (the creator and star of “Fleabag”) speak. In fact, I just waited at the stage door to meet her for the second time and it was totally worth it.