30-Day Trust Challenge Day 13: Thank You for (Not) Sharing

On Sunday, I met someone who impact my life in a huge way. Luckily, a friend of mine happened to be attending the event and was nice enough to shoot this moment for me on video.

She sent it to me via DropBox and I downloaded it immediately because it’s footage I always want to have in my possession. It’s also a snapshot in time that symbolizes so much in my life. Anyone with whom I’m close knows the significance of me meeting this person and how truly special it is.

Despite the fact that I met this person in a public way, it is in some ways a very private moment for me. Therefore, up until yesterday, I hadn’t shared the video with many people. It can only go to people who I really trust.

What’s that about?

I think it’s an underlying fear that someone will download it, post it and my story will be shared with the world without my permission. Why I think any of my close friends would ever do that is a bit absurd. First of all, I don’t even think they can download it based on the setting I chose. Second of all, why would they take time out of their busy schedules to do that? Finally, it doesn’t have the same significance to them that it has to me so they really don’t have any reason to do that.

Thank you, rational thinking.

The thing is I’m eager to share this pivotal moment with them. It’s like a good story. Show don’t tell. I can tell them what this experience meant to me, but showing them is more powerful. It shows them the whole story because the exchange is so moving.

Not Sharing is Caring.jpg

Last night before I went to bed, I sent the video off to about eight people who I trust implicitly. In the message, I described what the video was and of course, asked them to not share it. Even though I trust these people, I wanted them to know that it was for their eyes only. I know they will all respect that, they won’t share it and I can’t wait to see their responses.

Are you protective of certain items in your life? In this age of social media, are you paranoid about things being shared without your permission? Tell me below.