See Ya, Bucko (2018), Hello 2019: A Year’s Worth Of New 30-Day Challenges

Happy New Year!

I woke up this morning with a sore knee and a caramel wrapper on my nightstand. The sore knee (from spinning) was unusual. The caramel wrapper was not (although the number of wrappers was. I managed to throw out the others before hitting the hay.)

My version of an empty.

My version of an empty.

You could say, “One caramel wrapper is nothing.”
”It was New Year’s Eve.”
”Don’t be so hard on yourself.”

Thanks for the encouraging words, but the truth is that candy wrappers, bowls of eaten ice cream, Sour Patch Kids bags and any number of downed desserts are a mainstay in my apartment.

These are my version of empties.

I love sugar.

I make ice cream cakes. My mom had a bowl of ice cream every night when she was pregnant with me, so I got hooked on what I call “creamy crack” in utero.

I’ve read the statistics about how sugar is more addictive than cocaine. I get it, but right now I do not intend to give it up (baby, give it up.)

What I do intend to do is get it under control because it impacts so much (and gets in the way of) what I want.

To go to bed earlier. To get up earlier to write, meditate and work out (gotta burn off that sugar somewhere.)

My most productive time of day is the morning. I’m an early bird. After all, my name is Robin.

My New Year’s Eve ice cream cake - donuts and all. :)

My New Year’s Eve ice cream cake - donuts and all. :)

But my biggest downfall happens late at night. It’s tough when you’re out late performing and find comfort in Stephen Colbert, sugar and a sofa, but I need and want to make a change.

After the success of my “See Ya, Bucko Challenge” last month, I have committed to doing a new 30-day challenge every month. This month’s? Self-care or what I’m calling Gelf-care. Natch.

I’m not talking all manicures and facials. I mean one small thing I can try each day like:

  • Flossing (also good for the sugar I consume)

  • Going to bed early (aka “Sleeping 9 to 5. What a way to keep on a living.”)

  • Taking a bath

  • Reading a book (I fall asleep when I read all the time, so this one’s tough.)

  • Dancing (I studied it for 20 years. I love it and miss it.)

  • Skipping social media for a day (I did this on my birthday and loved it.)

  • Not watching TV

I’m pretty pumped about it and would love to hear how you take care of yourself.

What are your favorite self-care rituals? Your New Year’s resolutions? Wanna join me on these challenges? Tell me in the comments below and wishing you a Happy and Sweet (see what I did there? ) New Year!