Letting Go (See Ya, Bucko Challenge) Day 6: MOFO FOMO

“People are the worst.”

I get why people say this, but I happen to love people (Most. Don’t get me started on the See You Next Tuesday in my life).

I’m curious about their lives, their stories, what makes them tick. I feed off of their energy. I am a true extrovert (I probably wouldn’t have gotten the Wienermobile job if I were a wallflower.)

When you’re gregarious, you’re drawn to events, parties, really anywhere you can engage with people. It fuels you.

It’s one of the reasons why I love telling stories on stage and hosting my live storytelling series and podcast, Yum’s the Word, that features my homemade ice cream cakes. I love bringing people together over food and entertainment.

Couple my friendliness with being a perfectionist and a people pleaser and you’ve got a serious case of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out.) It’s why I:

  • Rewind TV shows, podcasts, you name it.

  • Ask people to repeat themselves when I didn’t catch what they said (sometimes more than once. I know. I know.)

  • Try to squeeze as many things into my day as possible.

I hate missing out on things.

And when it comes to a Jewish holiday, my Jewish guilt will set in fast if I don’t celebrate it.

So when I find myself overwhelmed with work on the first night of Chanukah, my FOMO kicks in… hard.

A friend has invited me to her Chanukah party followed by Christmas caroling. Natch. (I love to harmonize and my uncle is a Roman Catholic priest, Father Gelfenbien, so count me in.)

I have bought a bottle of wine to bring over, it’s pouring out and then I look at my To-Do list and realize this is not in the cards. I can’t, however, blow off the Festival of Lights, so I improvise.

I buy some sufganiyot at Zabars (Jewish food central), potato latkes at Fairway (Jewish food hot spot #2) and I light the menorah with my niece… on Facetime.

Do I still feel guilty? A little.

Did I get a lot done? Yes.

Would I do it again? Probably.

Am I bummed I missed out on ham being served at Chanukah party? Definitely. They’re clearly my kind of people.

Do you suffer from FOMO? What do you hate to miss out on? Or are you crushing it when it comes to FOMO and you’d rather experience JOMO (Joy of Missing Out?) Tell me in the comments below.

My people know how to eat.

My people know how to eat.