Letting Go Challenge Day 1: Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Good-bye

For the past two years, I’ve had a framed poster hanging above my desk. It features a balloon and a simple message: “let it go.” Trite I know, but I bought it to remind me to do just that when I start to worry about things and hold myself back on other things like obsessing over sending an email.

The truth is that I don’t really see it anymore. Like most things you get used to, it blurs into the background.

But I know it’s something I need to remind myself of daily and so I have decided to dive into this 30-Day Letting Go Challenge to really take it head on.

Now when I say dive, let’s be clear. I’m not one who dives into the pool while I’m still dry. I slowly work my way down the stairs (usually because I’m cold) and into the water. Am I a risk-taker? Sometimes? Am I a bit of a wuss when it comes to this? Probably.

The point is I’m not one who jumps into things easily (although if you’re offering me food (I’m an Italian Jew) or the chance to perform on stage, get out of my way.

So I decided to ease into this challenge by doing something small and simple that I could also do in the moment on Facebook Live.

I unfollowed an ex from over 20 years ago. Why?

We have been in and out of each other’s lives during that time and even as recently as three years ago. For the past few years, we’ve been following each other on Instagram and when I was returning from my Grand Canyon trip, I noticed that he was following me once again.

That meant only one thing.

At some point, he had unfollowed me. (Oh, the horror!) That pissed me off, so I decided to cut him loose on the first night of my “Letting Go Challenge” on Facebook Live.

I couldn’t wait to do it and when I finally did, I channeled my inner Richie Cunningham and declared, “See Ya, Bucko!” and the name stuck.

So thus begins the “See Ya, Bucko Challenge.” Say it. Shout it when you let something go. It’s fun, it’s liberating and to me, it’s powerful.

In the meantime, enjoy this little ditty.

And until next time, see ya, Bucko!

See Ya Bucko Richie Cunningham.jpg